Desert Sky Fitness is the newest gym in Kingman, AZ. We offer High Intensity Interval Training, nutrition coaching, and personal training. The instructors here at DSF are your average, every day gym goers. We understand that each and every person is different and our coaches will work with you to help you reach your goals; more importantly, we are here to get fit with you.

High Intensity Interval Training is an exercise strategy alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.​  ​Our programs are designed around strength and conditioning. When attending a High Intensity Interval Training gym you can expect to do Olympic style training, body weight exercises, and cardio. High Intensity Interval Training was designed to challenge people at all levels of fitness.​

Even though we compete in class, it’s really you against you. You’re only in competition with ​achieving your own goals and improving yourself in each and every class. With High Intensity Interval Training you will endure exercises that help gain strength, accuracy, power, flexibility, and more. Each and every person will experience their own challenges and grow as they overcome them.

At Desert Sky Fitness we are creating a “fit family”. We work hard together, offer support to one another, and we keep track of our goals together. When walking into DSF you will notice a unified training area complete with white boards, motivational banners and other tools to track workouts, display your fitness goals and encourage others to push themselves to new limits.

With three different pricing plans there is surely an option that suits your needs. Our affordable pricing extends to our personal training​g as well. Desert Sky Fitness is a kid​-friendly gym! Kid’s Corner is dedicated to keeping your children entertained while you work out. DSF also has a selection of supplements, complete with protein bars and drinks to help your post-workout recovery.

We offer a free class to start you off, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. Feel free to bring a friend and make sure you’re both ready to workout. See you at the gym!​