High Intensity Interval Training has literally changed my life. My weight loss journey started in Sept 2013 with my weight coming in somewhere north of 335 lbs. “Somewhere” may sound vague, but in truth I just quit weighing myself at 335. When I made the decision to lose weight, I started off doing 4-Hour Body and lost about 40lbs. Through the entire month of December, I maintained 290 pounds and I knew I needed to add some exercise to my lifestyle. I officially started High Intensity Interval Training on January 13, 2014. I’ll never forget that day. I stuck with it, going six days a week until September 12, 2014 when I hit the 100lbs lost mark.

I know there are so many people out there than can benefit from changing their lifestyle and I think High Intensity Interval Training can be part of anyone’s life no matter how fit or what age they are. I am living proof!

I entered the CrossFit Open last year, although I didn’t do well (I was 100 pounds heavier then.) I’ve also participated in the Prescott 2nd Annual Hotshots 19 Memorial WOD held at Captain Crossfit. This year I will be entering in the CrossFit Open as well and plan to do much better than last year. I’ve also entered a few 5k races and one 10k race, which is a huge deal for me as I couldn’t run before I started High Intensity Interval Training.

Written by: Ralph