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Circle of Death Warm Up (No Measure)

Circle of Death
Place different weighted dumbbells or kettlebells randomly in a large circle. Athletes will start at one weight and move to the right every 30 seconds completing as many thrusters or KBS as possible in that time. Athlete is finished once they have completed 100 reps or until dead. Coach decides which athletes will start at thrusters and which will start at KBS. Athletes must alternate movements every time they rotate. Coach, use light-ish weights for this fun little diddy.

Across the Floor (No Measure)



Parallett L-sit & Leg Levers EOMOM 10 Min (5xmax)

ODD min Max Hold on Parallett Bars. Even Minute 5-6 Leg levers on Post.

Modification for Less than 2 second holds

– Hold on box

– Hold from pull up bars w/out using rectus femoris

– Hold hollow body


Metcon (Time)


Assault Bike

KBS (72/53)



Lateral burpees over rower


SDHP (95/65)

200m Run (after the 12, and the 9, and the 6)
Time starts at the 21 and does not end until you’ve completed the last run after the 6 SDHP

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