Desert Sky Fitness – H.I.I.T.


Warm Up Stations (No Measure)

3min Jump Rope



Dyna Disc

Ball to Ball Exchange

Alternating Superman

Peg Board Hold

Ring hold/kip


10 EMOM Pull ups & L-sit

Every minute on the minute, complete hardest version of pull ups you can perform 3-5 reps of. Then Immediately following hold L-sit for max time. Rest for remainder of minute

Mod scheme for Pull ups:

C2B strict, standard strict, 2 x kipping w/ max negative hold, 2 x Jumping w/ max negative hold

Mod scheme for L-sit: Min 5 sec hold.

L-sit from rings, L-sit from pull-up bar, hollow body hold


Metcon (Time)

15 Med Ball Shrugs (20/14)

1 Rope Climb

15 Med Ball Cleans

1 Rope Climb

15Med Ball Deadlift

1 Rope Climb

15 Med Ball Swing

1 Rope Climb

At 3.2.1 go, you will run with your med ball along the gate to the furthest corner of the gym, perform the med ball movement, leave the ball there then continue running the gate back to the gym. Climb the rope, then run back to your med ball, perform next movement and bring it back to the gym and so on.

Written by: Ralph

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