Desert Sky Fitness – H.I.I.T.


Warm-up 9 (No Measure)

25 kcal row

50 ft Bear Crawl

25 Jumping jacks

15 Med Ball Cleans

10 Wall balls

5 Scorpions each Side

5 Kick Ups



Parallett L-sit & Leg Levers EOMOM 10 Min (5 x max hold)

ODD min Max Hold on Parallett Bars. Even Minute 5-6 Leg levers on Post.

Modification for Less than 2 second holds

– Hold on box

– Hold from pull up bars w/out using rectus femoris

– Hold hollow body


Cool down

10 MINUTES OF STRETCHING. NO EXCEPTIONS TODAY. Stretching is very important for recovery and injury prevention. SO DO IT.

Duathalon (Time)

800m Row

800m Run

400m Row

400m Run

200m Row

200m Run

100m Row

100m Run

50m Row

50m Run

Written by: Ralph

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