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Warm Yo Bod (No Measure)

3 min DU attempts

3 rounds:

10 GHD Back Extensions

10 Plank Contralateral Reach

10 Lunges

10 Ring Rows

3 Wall Climbs


It’s goal work Wednesday. If you don’t have something you need to improve or work on, your coach will find your weakness and appoint a goal for you. These should be your goals. What do YOU want to improve? Work on THAT today. “be better,” “get better at lifts,” “be faster,” those are not measureable goals. Increase DL by 10lb is measurable and the goal work for that would be maybe a 5×3 at 80% of your 1rm. Connect 5 pu is measurable; goal work could be 5 solid kips then max kipping pu for 5 rounds or max connected for a 5 min emom. Let us help you get better.


Dumbbell Lunges (5×10)

5×10 per leg of walking dumbbell lunges. Warm up with a set of 10 per leg at light weight. Then complete 5 sets at a heavier weight. Keep your back straight and core engaged.


Metcon (Time)

50m Single Arm DB/KB OH carry (switch arms at the turn around) (54/35)

20 OHS

50m Suitcase Carry

20 Goblet Squats

50m Single Arm Front Rack Carry

20 Single Arm Squat Snatch

50m Carry weight in both hands held at shoulder height in front of you

Same weight for entire wod.

Written by: Ralph

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