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Speed Ladder Obstacle Course Warm Up (No Measure)

Obstacle Course:

Speed Ladder Lateral Jumps-Plank Walk to Wall- Traveling Donkey Kicks onto Wall-Inchworm Push Ups-Handstand sommersault-10 Tire Toe Taps-back to Speed Ladder


Mobility to be completed while athletes are taking turns at GHD

GHD Max Situps (Max GHD Sit Ups in one minute)

Max sit ups GHD


Weighted Push Ups (5×3)

Full ROM push ups with weight on athlete’s back.
Grab a partner and work toward your working weight. Keep your form, no saggy tushies. Partner will put the weight on your back and take the weight off your back. Scaled will do slow & controlled negatives, partner can lift the weight off their back in between reps as needed.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12min AMRAP

100m run

Burpee CTB/Pull Ups
Partner A runs 100m while Partner B completes as many burpee CTB (Rx+) or burpee PU (Rx) as possible. Score is total # of burpee CTB/PU, the runs do not add to the score. For RX/RX+, bar should be at least six inches above top of athlete’s head.

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