Frequently Asked Questions

For the kind of money you are asking for, why don’t I just go find a Personal Trainer?

You could do that, but you’d end up paying a great deal more. Let’s say you find someone that’s willing to train you for $25/session and we’ll even go as far to say that they have every piece of equipment that you’ll find here. Even if you only go 3 times a week (we encourage 4+), that’s $300 per month, well over our price. Also, you probably wouldn’t get the camaraderie, competitive push, and/or the support that you’ll feel working with others in a group setting. If you’re finished first, you’re still expected to support everyone else that is still working. So, when you’re done, you’re not really done!

Your workouts contain push-ups and pull-ups. I can’t do a single one of either. How can I work out with you?

Lots of people can’t do a push-up or a pull-up. We decrease the load, change the angle, provide some supported analogue of a pull-up, so that even the most unconditioned person, or elderly people, or children, who start off not being able to do a pull-up eventually can do a pull-up. It’s about progression and starting with what the client can do, and working in reasonable steps toward what the goal is. It doesn’t really matter how long it takes. It just matters that steady increments of progress are made.

Do You Offer Discounts?

We offer discounts for Firefighters, Police, First Responders, Teachers, Veterans, Corrections Officers, and Clergy.

Why only classes? Why can’t I come in whenever I want?

Group workouts get better results. You’ll push yourself harder and have more fun in a group. Guaranteed.

Can you help me lose weight?

A lot of people think they can get to their weight-loss goals just by working out. We make clear that working out provides a foundation for weight loss and for healthy bodies, but weight loss is primarily about eating right. We direct clients to resources that can help them eat right.

What should I expect when I arrive at the gym for my first session?

Expect to see a gym that’s not typical, in a really fun way. You’ll see some different equipment, such as kettlebells, pull-up bars, parallel bars, and Olympic-style weightlifting equipment. The great thing is you will be trained and coached on all these things. And you’ll see people having fun and working hard!

Do you have childcare?

Our Kids’ Korner is space set aside where, for a fee, you can drop your child(ren) off while you work out. Our Kids Korner has age appropriate toys and tv/dvd to help distract your little ones while you work out. Kids’ Korner is provided through a sign up which you can use when you sign up for your class. As always, you-the parent, are fully responsible for the safety and well-being of your child(ren).