Desert Sky Fitness – H.I.I.T.

Warm Up 20 (No Measure)

3 Rounds

100m Med Ball Run

10 Wall Balls

10 MB Vsit Passes

10 Slow Scap Pull Ups

Across the Floor (No Measure)

Partner DT (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

8 min Partner AMRAP:

12 Deadlifts (135/95)

9 Hang Cleans

6 Shoulder to OH

* Partner 1 will complete one full round then Partner 2 will complete one full round. Alternate until time cap.

Metcon (Time)

Alternating With a Partner:

200 Double Unders

75 Wall Balls (20/14@10/9)

65 Sit Ups

55 Alt KB Snatch and Lunge (53/35)

45 V-Ups

35 Man Makers (40/30)

200 Double Unders

18 Min Time Cap
Wall balls cannot alternate. Partners are to perform sets and then switch.

Alt KB Snatch and lunge is just as it sounds. (single arm alternating)

Written by: Ralph

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