Desert Sky Fitness – H.I.I.T.

Warm Up 15 (No Measure)

200 Meter Skipping

2 Rounds

10 KB Swings

10 Barbell Front Squats

10 Barbell Push press

10 Barbell Cleans

Across the Floor (No Measure)

Triple Good Bye (Time)

All athletes in class are a one team. Multiply the number of athletes in class by 50 to obtain total reps of each movement. All athletes will work together to complete all of the first movement then move onto the next and then the third.

SDHP (75/45)

Wall Balls (20/14 @ 10/9)

Clean & Jerk (75/45)

18 Min Time Cap – One second added for each rep not completed for the group.

Written by: Ralph

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