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Circle of Death Warm Up (No Measure)

Circle of Death
Each person starts with one kettlebell or dumb bell (only one at each weight is permitted) and stands in a circle. All athletes perform 10 of the designated movement. Once all athletes are done, pass kbs to the right, no putting them on the ground. Perform 10 of the next movement. Direction and movements are up to coach’s discretion. If you cannot perform the movement at the weight you were given, you win a 50m jog with your weight.



Giant Bar Set

Every 90 Seconds complete the following. Do not drop off the bar until you’ve completed all 15 reps in the set.

5 Kips

5 Pull Ups


PU can be CTB, strict, or kipping. If you cannot do an unassisted pull up, without letting go of the bar after kips, use a quick hop from a box to jump so your chin is over the bar and hold there for 10 seconds, then move into the TTB. Modification for TTB is strict high knees. The 15 reps of this giant set count as 1 in the 5×1 rep scheme.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20min AMRAP


10 Bulgarian Split Squat (per leg)

15 Tire Toe Taps (per leg)

10 DB/KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (35/25) per leg

20 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14)

100m Farmer Carry (35/25)

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